State of the Public Beta

Dear fellow writing enthusiasts,

We are thrilled to share the latest strides we've made with adoc Studio as we edge closer to our v1 launch. Your thorough testing has helped us move forward quickly. Thank you!

Based on your feedback, our developers have made significant progress on refining the app, ensuring stability, and introducing new features to enhance your documentation journey.

Oh, and if you haven’t checked out adoc Studio for yourself yet, make sure to download the public beta for free today.

New Features in adoc Studio

Our goal is to capture the full functionality of AsciiDoc within adoc Studio. Some of the new additions are:

  • Offset Section Levels: You can now manipulate heading levels for includes with leveloffset, making document structuring more intuitive and adaptable to your content's hierarchy.

  • Discrete Headings: Similar in appearance to section titles but uniquely distinct. Discrete headings are not part of the section hierarchy, can nest in other blocks, don't have child blocks, and won't appear in your table of contents. This element is perfect for when you need a heading that stands out without altering your document's structure.

  • Footnotes: Footnote management is now streamlined, allowing for easy insertion of references throughout your documents, with automatic numbering for convenience.

  • Coming Soon - STEM Equations and Formulas: Get ready to incorporate complex mathematical equations and formulas directly into your AsciiDoc files with our upcoming STEM support. More on that in another update.

Get Involved in our community and support channels
  • Join Our Forum: The adoc Studio forum is your go-to place for all updates, discussions, and support related to our public beta. Connect with fellow users and the adoc Studio team to share insights and get answers to your questions.

  • Feature Requests on Your feedback is invaluable to us. Through, you can view our roadmap, see what’s coming next, and request new features. Remember, adoc Studio is shaped by its users—you play a crucial role in its development!

Dive Into Our Blog

We're excited to announce the launch of our new blog! It’s packed with articles on technical writing, the latest adoc Studio news, and insights into markup languages. We highly recommend starting with our guide on creating your first documentation in AsciiDoc—it’s a great way to begin your adoc Studio journey.

Looking Ahead

As we continue to polish adoc Studio for its v1 release, we remain committed to delivering a tool that not only meets but exceeds your documentation needs. Your feedback and engagement are pivotal to this process. We encourage you to join our forum, explore our blog, contribute to our roadmap on and, above everything else, keep testing the public beta.

Together, we are shaping the future of documentation. Thank you for being a part of this journey with adoc Studio. Stay tuned for more updates, and happy documenting!